15 April, 2012

Being a human: I'm hating it

(belated post for Anti-earthlings Day)

It's no secret that earthlings are practically my biggest enemies after Nightmare. Yet the majority of the people in my planet, myself included, are of the same species as them: humans. A different and more powerful and far more decent variety, but humans nonetheless, still furless apes. Apart from the obvious problems that could arise from this (earthlings predating in my planet's activities, for example), I've lately been feeling too ashamed to be the same species as the race I loathe as a whole (with the exceptions of a few members of it, of course). I still sometimes love it, but this is earth, and earthlings' deeds are making me hate being a human, and it keeps escalating; not even having 7 husbands and several human crushes spare me from feeling that way. It'll take only a really good speech by my beloved B., my non-human husband, to convince me to love being a human and not want to turn into a cat. Anything less than that won't change my mind.

Even if I was another kind of ape, I'd feel the same shame as this orangutan, for having such shitty "cousins".

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