10 December, 2011

Why colonising Kepler-22b is a bad idea?

(Yes, I haven't posted in a while, and I just had to get this off my chest, after saying it aloud so many times).

A few days ago, they discovered a planet that's supposedly in the "inhabitable zone" of the Kepler-22 system. Scientists started to say that it has the conditions for life (as they know it) to exist. As obvious of earthlings, they started to say that they could colonise the planet Keppler-22b in the future.

Oh, wait, have they considered that it might not be such a good idea? let's see why I'm against it.

1. First, look at this picture and compare the sizes of these planets:

As you can see, planet Kepler-22b is more than twice as big as earth, which means that it has more mass and therefore, gravitation is more brutal. Sorry, earthlings, but the same way the Selenites from The First Men in the Moon would be too fragile for earth's gravity, you'd be too fragile for that planet's. Heck, even I, in my alien form, couldn't resist it! I'd have to eat a lot, and very often, just to keep defying it to some tolerable degree.

2. Colonising a new planet? Seriously? You earthlings turned this planet in a hellhole, multiplying like Guinea pigs and trashing everything, and now want to go and do the same to other parts of the Universe? Pfft! the definition of cancer suits your race very well. You should stay confined to this planet, and shouldn't even own it anymore.

So yes, the idea of earthlings colonising that planet is a very bad idea.


  1. That part about gravity really got me thinking. So that means that trying to land there would be disastrous.

  2. Prometeo: At best, you'd be unable to stand or walk. At worst, your bones will crush. On the other hand, if Kepler-22b had any inhabitants and they come to earth, they'd be able to jump more or less like fleas.