07 March, 2011

If I ever turn into a scaly

Since I've had a page in Fur Affinity, I've seen transformation (TF) art, about humans or anthro being transforming into another species, anthro or otherwise. So for some time I've pondered how things would be if I transform into a scaly (more specifically a dinosaur), and I've been weighing the pros and cons of becoming a scaly girl.

  • It's a given I'll rarely look like shit, even when getting off the bed.
  • I won't have to do my hair, thus saving time and money.
  • I'll have sharp teeth and claws, which would be more useful than the ones I currently have as a human, especially as weapons.
  • I'll have an awesome tail that could very much come in handy in certain situations.
  • Depending on my scales' colour(s), some of the colours I currently wear would clash or make me look 'muddy'.
  • Same for the many make-up colours I love to wear in this pale human skin.
  • Speaking of make-up, I won't be able to apply certain presentations, like cream or pencils.
  • Of course I'm married to a scaly, but what about my other 7 husbands, who are human? It'd be weird for them if I'm a scaly. Not to mention all the other human guys I have crushes on.
  • Also, what about the people in my planet, who are mostly human? Their Queen, a scaly? They'd accept me, but it'd be a tad hard for them.
So let's stay an alien human who's married to a handsome scaly guy ^_^

P.S.: I was about to post about the Apocalyptica concert, but this came up instead. I owe you.

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