30 December, 2010

Mr. Green, tweet me a tweet

Mr. Green, tweet me a tweet. Oh, wait! You don't know what a "tweet" is, or "Twitter", or "Internet". In fact, you don't even know what a computer is; those don't exist yet in your time and the first ones won't exist in another 45 years or so. Yes, it will be around the time all the stuff inside the envelope I left you that's labeled 'Do not open until the 1950s' will be the trend.

Still, I know you have the telegraph (while I never got to see one or even a telegram; I only got to see the unused telegraph lines in Cuba 8 years ago), so that will do for what I call an "old-fashioned tweet". A telegram has obviously 140 characters or less, so you'll do good in that, sending snippets of what really happened in the Titanic, as it happened, and of World War I if you ever participate (I don't intend to scare you, but it's better if you're prepared). Of course, if you have lots more to say, make a regular log or send letters to people you trust; within 100 years those could be on a museum or at least end up in a weblog (better known as a 'blog').

P.S.: You might see me again in 10 years or so. Only that I'll be wearing a shorter dress, my hair will be waved close to my head, and my name won't be Margaret Archer. I might tell you more about the Twitter thing.

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